Upcoming screenings

Date Time Venue
Apr 22 5:00pm New York, Church Center for the United Nations United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Past screenings

Date Time Venue
Dec 6 7:00pm World Premiere in London Curzon Soho
Dec 8 6:00pm London Global Health Film Festival
Dec 13 8:15pm Lewes Lewes Depot
Jan 16 6:00pm London Soho House
Jan 31 6:30pm London Curzon Soho - Q&A with Lorna Tucker
Feb 7 5:00pm Santa Barbara Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Feb 8 12:00pm Santa Barbara Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Apr 19 9:00am Pierre, South Dakota Ramkota Hotel (private screening)

Host your own Screening

If you can't see a screening of Amá near you, then we can help you organise your own!

Please contact us if you would like to organise a screening or if you have any questions, at with Amá in the subject line.

By booking your screening after our official release date (December 2018), we can assist with helping promote your screening by advertising it on our website, Facebook and in our newsletters.

We can also help to arrange a Q&A with the filmmakers. This will incur extra costs however, which may include travel expenses.

Show Your Support

Following the film’s premiere in London and at the Global Health Film Festival we want to take the film to as big and as influential audience in the USA as possible. We are raising money to do this. If you are an American tax payer you can make a 501 (c) donation through the International Documentary Association. Click on the link below. If you are in the UK, and could like to support the outreach campaign, please contact